Teaching our History as Foundational and Continuous (E-Tangata)

‘The ANZH [Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories] curriculum…positions Māori history as “foundational and continuous”, so on that basis alone the future of history must be Māori…If Māori history is genuinely foundational and continuous, surely it can be foundational and continuous for all. Surely it can provide a sturdy frame for the whole of the curriculum, not just the bit identified as Māori. The ANZH curriculum presents an opportunity to think — deeply, critically, locally — about what that might mean and what benefits might result.’

Kurahautū is embracing the opportunity expressed above by researcher and historian Dr Aroha Harris. He Taonga Tuku Iho is the school curriculum project of Kurahautū. Using our historical capacity from provincial and episcopal archives, our powerful local stories, and our strong global, regional, and national presence, we have the opportunity to be a significant contributor to this space. You can read more of Dr. Harris’ inspirational essay here in this April 2023 article from E-Tangata.