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E kore e ngaro, he takere waka nui.

We will never be lost; we are the hull of a great canoe.

– Māori navigation proverb

Through wānanga and talanoa, high-level theological principles become, so to speak, like constellations in our sky that can help us navigate the issues and challenges that we may face on the way to our goals in the horizon.

Issues such as climate change, immigration, poverty, health and safety legislation, and theological responses to matters of significance. In teaching, sharing, and disseminating that theology, we can help the whole church become wayfinders in their own spaces.

Photo credit: Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, New Zealand, by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash.

Communications Strategy

Kurahautū aims to establish the current communications reach of the Anglican Church to identify where the current models need renewal and reconfiguration in order to maximise the reach and effectiveness of Anglican communications.

Kurahautū Advisory Unit

Kurahautū is the Archbishops’ Wayfinding Unit which leads wānanga and talanoa in Aotearoa and Polynesia to provide research for Mihinare leadership in the discourse of the Church and the Public.