Podcast Review: Accidental AI

What’s it called?

Accidental AI

Where’s the name from?

The podcast is all about the technology of Artificial Intelligence. The accidental part comes from the name of the hosts’ first podcast Accidental Tech.

Why should you give it a listen?

AI is quickly shaping the future of technology, but where do you even begin to find out what’s out there? This podcast filters the information, let’s you know what’s out there, and offers you some fascinating tools to use.


Is it banter and filler or does it get right into the kaupapa?

Each episode is only 5-20 minutes long. It’s interesting and easy to listen to.

Check this out

HeyGen, a tool that creates an AI generated video of an avatar that clones your voice and can speak in multiple languages.

Which Bible character would have made this?

Moses. AI would have made writing the Pentateuch so much easier. Would have helped with those inaccuracies as well.

Does it make you wanna ka whawhai tonu?

Whether or not we are ready to engage with it, this technology is rapidly becoming intertwined with our daily life. Unless we want to bury our heads in the sand, we need to work out how to use these tools to promote flourishing for all people.

Bangin’ quote from the podcast

“We need to talk about the moral implications of this technology. Technically they won’t let you generate Donald Trump or Obama or Biden’s voice or Putin but inevitably it’s going to be a possibility…”


Where can I listen?

You can listen to the podcast here or here