Podcast Review: Nudge

What’s it called?


Where’s the name from?

Nudge theory – the idea that every day we receive ‘nudges’ through things that we see and hear which change the way that we behave. Things like the weather forecast, an advertisement, a song or advice from a friend.

Why should you give it a listen?

The impact of using nudges to positively influence behaviour has proven to be so successful that large companies, the military, and even countries have formed units to build nudging strategies to accomplish their objectives.

Is it banter and filler or does it get right into the kaupapa?

Someone compared listening to the host to listening to “an emotionless BBC talk show, which is a vibe for some people.” I don’t think this is my vibe but I like the show and found the host to mostly be articulate and concise. I guess you can’t have everything.

Check this out

Ever heard of unethical amnesia? Have a read of this.

Which Bible character would have made this?

Solomon. He knew how to use his words to get what he wanted.

Does it make you wanna ka whawhai tonu?

Our brains are wired to be influenced by external factors. So, 1. I want to be more aware of what those influences are and, 2. I want to use those powers for good.

Bangin’ quote from the podcast

“Message framing affects us in all walks of life…framing has boosted coca cola sales, encouraged thousands to contribute to Wikipedia, fuelled Peloton’s growth. And was the reason Amazon paid their employees $5k to quit.”

Where can I listen?

You can listen to the podcast here