Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: Te Wāhi Ngaro

What’s it called?

Te Wāhi Ngaro

Where’s the name from?

Three Mihinare (and guests) talking about all the ordinary and not so ordinary places where our lives intersect with the divine.

What about it makes me wanna listen?

It’s educational conversation so you finish each episode with something to think about, but you don’t feel like you just attended a lecture. They don’t shy away from controversial stuff, either. I like hearing a Mihinare perspective on everything from Satanists to clericals to politicians.

Is it banter and filler or does it get right into the kaupapa?

So, there’s plenty of banter but I wouldn’t call it filler. Definitely some inside jokes going on but you kind of feel like you have been let in on the joke. Maybe. They keep the conversation flowing so things don’t get stuck on one topic but move through a variety of kaupapa in each episode.

Who’d be embarrassed to tweet a quote from this show?

Brian Tamaki, because the podcast creators admit that it is not a money-spinner.

Which Bible character would have made this?

Elijah. He was the pioneer of prophetic humour and sarcasm.

Does it make you wanna ka whawhai tonu?

It reminds me that the outworking of our faith is not meant to be confined to the pulpit or our work behind the sanctuary or our gatherings on Sunday morning but must engage with what is going on in the world around us.

Banging quote from the podcast

‘Sometimes [as Mihinare] you’ve got to step up and deliver because whānau are looking to you for certain things: ‘Please lead us in this moment; please be that minister who can bring (these certain skills) and kōrero and advice and ministry to our whānau.’ And sometimes you can just judge [the situation] and grab a tea towel and say ‘that’s me out in the kitchen.’

Check it out

You can listen to the podcast here