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Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: This Land

What’s it called? This Land Where’s the name from? The United States government has attempted to contain the sovereignty of Native American people through the creation of reservations.

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: Lead us Not

*Warning: This podcast involves stories of sexual and spiritual abuse.

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: The Sacred Teachings Podcast

What’s it called? The Sacred Teachings Podcast Where’s the name from? The stories about the sacredness of creation that feature in each episode.

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: Te Wāhi Ngaro

What’s it called? Te Wāhi Ngaro Where’s the name from? Three Mihinare (and guests) talking about all the ordinary and not so ordinary places where our lives intersect with the...

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: The Tongue Unbroken

What’s it called? The Tongue Unbroken Where’s the name from? It’s a reference to the undying nature of Native American languages.

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: NUKU

What’s it called? NUKU Where’s the name from? It comes from Papatūānuku.

Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: Code Switch

What’s it called? Code Switch Where’s the name from? It’s a reference to how society requires minorities to switch between modes of communicating.