Kurahautū Podcast Breakdown: NUKU

What’s it called?


Where’s the name from?

It comes from Papatūānuku. And the podcast is about the essence of what it means to live as an Indigenous woman in Aotearoa from the perspectives of 100 Indigenous women.

What about it makes me wanna listen?

The stories are ‘mā hine, mō hine, kia hine’. So many amazing wāhine who get on with what needs to be done, whatever life throws at them.

Is it all banter and filler or does it get right into the kaupapa?

It’s telling stories and some of them are raw and vulnerable, not something you rush through. So the episodes are more long-form narrative. But these women are pretty kick ass so the kōrero is too.

Who’d be embarrassed to tweet a quote from this show?

The Proud Boys. Because ‘they’re not racist, just pro-western and pro housewife.’

Which Bible character would have made this?

Team effort. Deborah and Jael. Both women who got things done and probably all while looking after their whānau and deflecting sexist pushback.

Does it make you wanna ka whawhai tonu?

It makes me wanna be a better woman. It makes me want Aotearoa to be a better place for wāhine because their contribution cannot be replicated or replaced.

Bangin’ quote from the podcast

‘We live in a media saturated world but we’re not exactly drowning in our stories. We all know Indigenous storytelling started in the stars, but like a night without stars there was a blank space where our stories should have been shining.’

Check it out

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